Tuesday, May 03, 2005

More Tile Madness

Once again, I'm reminded that I have to start making some decisions about the bathroom. My new flavor-of-the-month is Eco-Terr tiles. In case you were wondering, yes I got a lot of hits for smelly freaks who live in trees and shoplift to protest The Man raping Mother Nature when I Googled. Whatever, dude, pass the bong.

Anyway, Eco-Terr tiles are "sustainable tile agglomerates made of natural stone aggregate materials with a cement binder" and here are the patterns I like so far:

White Gem

Crema di Parma

Spring White

Of course, there's no pricing information on the website or locations for where I can go see it, so I registered and am now waiting for some unctious saleswhore to email me with a "password" to see samples. Remind me never to create a "gated" sales site like these assclowns again.

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