Friday, May 27, 2005

Shopping List

One of the tasks I've been procrastinating for waaay too long is making solid decisions on what I want in my new bathroom. This is because I know that as soon as I have the list, I'll know how much it's all going to cost, and that super freaks me out. But it's something that I need to do, so here goes:


Toto Drake toilet in Cotton White or Colonial WhiteHome Click item#CST744S$205.92

Toto Softclose Seat in Cotton White or Colonial WhiteHome Click item#SS114$45.00

Swanstone 42" x 42" shower receptor in WhiteFixtures Direct item #SS-4242$328.78

Hakatai Carter glass mosaic tile in Light Blue/Ice Green blend (for shower walls)Hakatai sku: UA312mRetail is $5.29 per 1.15 ft2 sheet ($228 for 49 ft2). Contractor pricing is available. Contractor needs to call 541-552-0855 to set up account.

Frameless pivot shower doors??

21" x 12" shower niche with shelfBonsal item #PF 304$64.15 (Call 800-548-4033 to order)

Kohler MasterShower Family 3-way ShowerheadHome Depot item #8508-CP$56.55

Kährs Linnea in Maple 2-strip LifeFloorshop item #372085AP50LEWL$2.59 per ft2 ($163) + installation and underlayment

George Kovacs Pierce bath sconce x 2Home Click item #P5001$45.75 x 2

Nutone 100 CFM Bath fan/lightHome Depot item #162955$99.00

Udden console with integral stainless sink + cabinetsIkea item #40059654$257

Illern faucet (if compatible)Ikea$50

So, the total comes to... $1588.90, not including shipping, installation, or substrates (for floor and tile).

The only two things I've ever bought that cost that much were my house and my car. And the car is pushing it.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Got Wood?

My contractor thinks that hardwood floors will be okay in a bathroom with an electric radiant heat system, but other sources state that laminate is preferable because it's less likely to warp.

It's never easy, is it?

In any event, the Kährs Linnea product in Maple:

is awfully pretty in that sleek, Skandihoovian way.

It's a glueless, click-together product that comes prefinished and without underlayment for $2.59 per sq.ft. Not sure how my contractor's floor guys will feel about it, though. Probably smells like lingonberries. Ew.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Overcharged on my Reality Check

The custom cabinetry route isn't looking all that attractive anymore. I'd probably pay $1000 for a custom vanity if I was going to stay in the house for more than a year or so. Instead, I need to start exploring my options again:

This one includes the granity top and undermount sink, but the shipping would kill me:

Plus? Backordered.

This one also comes with the granite top, but not the sink:

Again with the shipping.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Hot Date

I'm meeting with the contractor tonight. Here's the list of questions I currently have for her:

  • In what order will the work take place (roof first, then what)?

    The roofers tear off the roof and start replacing it while the plumbers, drywallers and HVAC peeps get started inside.

  • What decisions still need to be made and when do they need to be made by?

    Still need to figure out exactly what we're going with tile (shut up), choose some fixtures, and make a decision on the floors.

  • Will the downstairs bathroom be out of commission during construction? If so, for how long? What changes will need to be made to accommodate construction? (she already told me that they might have to shift the toilet to the diagonal, which is a little weird)

    Yes, diagonal toilet (I have a feeling this is going to be some awkward feng shui), but no significant downtime — the toilet will be ripped out and replaced while I'm at work.

  • The Toto Drake toilet is available for $227 and free shipping on — is this a good price?

    She's gonna ask the plumber.

  • Swanstone 42" X 42" shower receptor is $460 for the nice patterns at — can we get it cheaper?

    See above.

  • How much would it cost to run an extra showerhead?

    Negligible. The real question is going to be whether or not I'll have enough water pressure for two heads.

  • Will you be able to tell me when I need to initiate the various inspections?

    Contractor will be responsible for initiating and responding to inspections.

  • How long will it take to have custom cabinetry made?

    Six to eight weeks. The real issue is whether or not I want to spend $1000 on custom cabinetry. I'm thinking not.

  • Will I have to arrange for the drop box for the roof tear-off or will the roofers handle that?

    Hey! Roofers are good for something (besides scoring dope) after all!

  • And finally, when do we kick off demo and I get to start FUCKING SHIT UP?!

    June 1 bay-bee! Yeehaw! I'll be there with a smile on my face and a reciprocating saw clutched in my hot little hands.

I'll post answers, hopefully, this weekend or Monday.

Tile Update

Believe it or not, a mention in Dwell Magazine's "Hot Products" section isn't enough to start shit flying off the shelves. The closest Eco-Terr stockist to me is in Seattle, and the only color I like that they have in stock is the Crema di Parma, which is what I was leaning toward anyway. Which is fortunate, because the cost of special ordering this stuff from some village in Italy (where they probably don't even have ATMs, the socialist heathens) is more than the cost of the tiles themselves. Another excuse to road trip to Seattle!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

More Tile Madness

Once again, I'm reminded that I have to start making some decisions about the bathroom. My new flavor-of-the-month is Eco-Terr tiles. In case you were wondering, yes I got a lot of hits for smelly freaks who live in trees and shoplift to protest The Man raping Mother Nature when I Googled. Whatever, dude, pass the bong.

Anyway, Eco-Terr tiles are "sustainable tile agglomerates made of natural stone aggregate materials with a cement binder" and here are the patterns I like so far:

White Gem

Crema di Parma

Spring White

Of course, there's no pricing information on the website or locations for where I can go see it, so I registered and am now waiting for some unctious saleswhore to email me with a "password" to see samples. Remind me never to create a "gated" sales site like these assclowns again.