Wednesday, June 22, 2005

New Roof! Kinda.

So they did, literally, tear the roof off this mother. At 8AM on a Saturday in a torrential downpour, no less. Gotta hand it to those roofers. They may be the equivalent of dishwashers in the construction hierarchy, but when they decide to do something, they certainly do it. Here's the old roof:

Here's the new roof:

You may be wondering, "Hey, what's up with all the extra shingles?". Well, they're for the rest of the roof, which has yet to be completed:

Now, we expected to find some dry rot on the south side of the house. What I wasn't prepared for was exactly HOW MUCH dry rot the roofers would find:

400 lineal feet of dry rot under the eaves, to be precise. That nice, pretty new wood you see there is cedar lap. Not cheap, my friends. Not cheap at all.

Add this additional cost to the existing SNAFU that almost got my neighbor across the street a new roof (an object lesson in rechecking addresses on bids), and we're inching further and further upward in cost for this tear-off. And the plumber's not even here yet.

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