Sunday, February 01, 2009

Side Ways

After a recent incident involving a precariously perched bowl of leftover stir-fry (goddamn non-washable sisal rugs), I started compulsively window shopping online for side tables.

Some contenders, based on our decor, which is part mid-century modern, part mom's antiques, and part "I want to be Kelly Wearstler, or at least have her hair":

The Rectangle Screw Stool (heh) from Target:

Also from Target, the Branch Side Table:

The former has a nice modern yet earthy vibe, the latter is more woodsy with (hopefully) a refined take from the black finish.

I've also been on the lookout for a new table to go in the entryway. The one that used to hang out there just got moved to the recently rearranged guest room. Sadly, while moving it we discovered an unused $100 Linens 'n Shit gift card in the drawer (insert Nelson Muntz "HAW-haw" here). Which makes me think that whatever replaces it might not need a drawer in it, if I'm going to be that lame about tucking things away and then digging them up, worthless, two years later and beating myself up about it.

Whatever ends up there needs to work with the new mirror I impulse-ordered the other day:

Yes, I know. Antlers are over. Shut up, it was on sale.

Which means that my frustrated H'wood Regency urge for this entry table shall go unfulfilled. One of these days I'll be able to convince Michael to let me indulge my perverse Wearstler girl-crush, but this is not a mirrored hill I want to die on.

The reality is that the thrill of the hunt is the best part, and frankly, my White Liberal Guilt is such that I'd prefer to buy something vintage off of Craigslist anyway.

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