Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Tool of the Week

The award for Tool of the Week goes to the Milwaukie Super Sawzall:

Unfortunately, I don't own it, Michael does. But it's a damn good reason for me to keep dating him, so that should prove how worthwhile a tool it is.

I've been using it to cut through drywall to see what lurks under (and above) the eaves of my house where I'm going to knock out the dormer and add a bathroom. This shit cuts through drywall like... well, shit. Or butter, if you're not into scatalogical vivisection. A good reciprocating saw will rip through studs, if you're not careful. And it's hard to be careful when you get so excited about cutting through stuff that you start looking for more stuff to cut through. Here, kitty kitty kitty...

The Sawzall inspires such rapture that I recently spent a good ten minutes in a club with some friends waxing hyper-rhapsodic about the Godlike attributes of a reciprocating saw.

I was thinking that the DAP wall repair patch should be the Tool of the Week:

But then I had to cut through it with the aforementioned Sawzall and you know what? Destruction is more fun that construction. Demolition gives me a ladystiffy and I'm not ashamed of that.

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