Monday, April 03, 2006

RanchFever, The Bathroom Edition

I finally got a chance to take photos in the new house that Michael's been laboring on for months now. Obviously, the stars of the show are the completely gutted and remodelled kitchen and bathroom—you don't think I'd leave my Dream Bath behind without something better, did you?

The vanity is actually a stand-alone piece of furniture that we picked up at a discount because it had a few nicks in the the top. We used a wood-colored pen, covered the top with glass, and installed the sinks (Kohler Chord vessel sinks, single-hole version) on top of that. Sounds easy, but it wasn't. A lot of careful hole-drilling and plumbing went into this set-up.

The faucets were a bit of an ordeal. I was set on using a more delicate gooseneck faucet, namely, the Elba from La Toscana, which is pretty much a bargain-basement version of the various > $300 versions from Porcher and Grohe. However, no one had it in stock, the wait time kept growing longer and longer, and I finally decided that it was just a lavatory faucet (two of them, actually), not a husband (heh) and the Danze Sonora, while more beefy than my preferred selections, would do just fine.

And now, the shower:

As on the vanity backsplash/shelf, note glass mosaic tile. I think I need an inervention, as I keep indulging in more and more high-end versions of this stuff. The American Olean green blend is more expensive that the Hakatai Carter blend I used in the last bathroom, but it's also more transparent and provides a much more interesting sense of depth. Per the suggestion of the designer we consulted, we decided to have the standard white subway tile laid vertically. It reminds me of bamboo, strangely enough.

Michael's got the glass shower doors ready to install. I'm really glad I'm not the one who has to drill through that tile, frankly.

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