Thursday, April 13, 2006

RanchFever, Kitchen Edition

The kitchen is almost done, and while I haven't taken photos since the cool stuff (floor, counters, sink, etc.) came in, I feel compelled to post photos of the kitchen from a few weeks ago, so that the eventual unveiling will be even more fantastic:

Here we see Michael (look at the birdie!) installing the last of the cabinets, the one for the sink, which he had to MacGyver a heating vent/duct thingie into. There was so much MacGyvering going on with these cabinets, in fact, that I was afraid he'd come home one day with a sun-streaked mullet. Fortunately, there was no bi-level action, and I learned an important lesson. The guys who install cabinets for a living definitely earn their pay.

This was taken from the back foyer looking in. Note lovely blue accent wall, cool artichoke lamp and stylin' reeded glass panel which Michael installed to make the entryway brighter.

This is the peninsula, which I have christened Monster Island. Also note Michael's rump in the left side of the frame. Heh. Rump. Anyway, that's the electric cooktop (with big, burly knobs that are easy to grab onto when you're covered in marinara sauce and trying to keep the quinoa from boiling over AGAIN) which also required massive rejiggering of cabinets to make fit. Michael cut those holes out of the wall that separates the kitchen from the gloomy hallway to let in more light and have another opportunity to use, yes, reeded glass blocks. We still have to figure out a way to cement those in there without risk of one of us pushing a glass block through accidentally and crippling the cat.

Much more has been done since I took these photos, and I'm hoping to take more this weekend during Paintapalooza. Stay tuned!

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