Thursday, August 04, 2005

More Mystery Plants

This is a bushy thing that dies completely back in the winter and blooms in the summer:

So far not too invasive, which makes me think it's not a weed.

This vine gets really aggressive during the summer, but just kinda hangs around during the winter. The flowers are really pretty:

but I'm getting sick of Audrey Two trying to eat the grill:

Vine: "Feed me, Seymour!"

Me: "That's my goddamn ahi. You better step off, or I'll Crossbow your ass."


Jillian PlicPlic said...

The first one looks like phlox to me, lexuh. The vine is really familiar, too, but the name isn't coming to me.

Jillian PlicPlic said...

Hmm. Perhaps trumpet vine? The foliage doesn't seem quite right, though.

Anonymous said...

Phlox and trumpet vine they are.

Ne Nebraska House Cleaning said...
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