Thursday, August 04, 2005

So close to being a real bathroom, I want to pee in it

The new bathroom is really starting to take shape. We passed inspection last week (yay!), so the contractors were able to close everything up and get started on finish work.

Here's a view of the blue board, with the toilet hookups on the right and sink hookups on the left:

The future home of my Huge, Throbbing Shower Enclosure:

I guess we're waiting on the backer board for behind the tile.

Skylight (with screen!) on right and exhaust fan on left:

And a closer view of the new wood windows:

What's really exciting for me is how it looks from the outside:

I like how my contractor coordinated the size and configuration of the new windows with the existing downstairs window.

There's currently a huge stack of drywall on the front porch, but between the contractor's vacation next week and the drywallers running behind schedule, it doesn't look like Michael's going to get a new bathroom for his birthday (8/17). Which is disappointing, but not really surprising. The progress the last few weeks has been impressive, though.

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