Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Michael Graves is often criticized for valuing form over function. From the structural issues that plague the Portland Building to teakettles that scald their users, the man has a reputation for designing objects that most closely resemble the average career stripper: beautiful to look at, but inherently broken.

However, I've found one thing he's able to create that not only looks nice, but actually works:

the Michael Graves flyswatter!

It's that time of the year and the flies seem to be breeding like, uh, rabbits. I came home today to a scene from the Amityville Horror. I keep trying to relieve my utter disgust by viewing these winged garbage eaters as a source of exercise for Silent Bob, but honestly? Even she isn't that interested anymore.

So out came the Graves flyswatter, a gift from a design-oriented former boss, bless her heart. Believe it or not, I nailed three of the hellgnats in less than a minute!

Perhaps it's just my mad phat flyswatting skills, but I'm willing to give this victory to Michael Graves.

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