Monday, March 30, 2009

The five little words every woman loves to hear...

"Let's get a new toilet."

The basement bathroom is, well, a basement bathroom. We've tried to gussy it up with kicky paint and a Warhol-ish shower curtain, but it's still cramped and somewhat grim. Perfectly suitable for terrorizing bathing the dog, but it's not optimized for human use. Namely the toilet. Specifically, the seat. It's small. So small that, um, manparts hit the inside when owner of said manparts sits. Or so I'm told.

Elongated bowl it is, then! Being a good treehugging guilty liberal, I immediately found the EPA list of high-efficiency toilets. Unfortunately, my old standby,, is out of business, at least for now.

I'm currently on the fence between the Toto Acquia II dual flush terlet and the Toto Eco-Drake 1.28 GPF terlet. The former is apparently a pain in the ass to install, but more efficient for, uh, number ones.

Either way, we'll be eligible for a $100 rebate, and no one will have to deal with their junk bumping up on a toilet seat anymore.

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