Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Terry's socks?

In a sporadically frantic attempt to find affordable big art that didn’t come from Ikea, I found Terry's Posters, an enormous selection of film posters. Which rocks for several reasons. First, it's Czechoslovakian, and so am I (partially). Second, the prices are fairly affordable, although there are some pricier options in the "Best of" and "Rarities" sections. Third, it has an entire section of posters for Czech versions of US films, which are SO MUCH cooler than the US versions:

Jaws 2:

So eastern bloc and constructivist compared to the cheesecake US version

Short Circuit:

Wasn't this a kids movie? Maybe this was actually the poster from Terminator or something.

Poseidon Adventure:

Okay, the US version has them beat on the tagline ("Hell, upside down"? Hell, yeah!), but the "cast of thousands" yearbook page look blows ass.


Face it, every version of this movie poster kicks ass because this movie kicks ass.

With the exception of the last, the posters are way more interesting than the films were.

Of special note - check out the ability to search by actor or director. I think the Czechs have a serious Thing for Clint Eastwood, because those are the awesomest.

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