Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I know it's not politically correct, but...

I lurve the exotic leather accessories from Etsy seller Unearthed. Specifically, the brightly colored stingray cuffs:

The colors are brilliant for spring, and I love the concept of something so luxe that almost goes over the top into looking fake and plasticy. Kind of like the purple patent handbag that I like to bust out randomly. That shit retailed for almost $800 (no, I didn't pay anything close to that), but looks like it could have fallen off a truck behind Forever 21.

The sisters behind Unearthed also do some beautiful and original work with alligator and other skins, but how can you say no to the stingray? One of them took out Steve Irvin and left that adorable reject from The Dark Crystal without a daddy. The least I can do is enable some eye-for-an-eye with a lovely accessory.

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