Monday, July 25, 2005

Bust a Cap in Yo Ass

Normally, I love, despite that annoying, porny, orangey-fake-tanned spokeswhore on tv. Good deals on sheets, clothes, DVDs and uniformly great customer service. Sometimes, though, Overstock goes horribly, horribly wrong:

We've all seen lucite toilet seats with fish or other cutesy bathroom-themed objects in them. Kitschy? Sure. But nothing that would make you plotz in a Bloodbath & Beyond. But yes, Virginia, those are bullets in the toilet seat:

In the pantheon of Bad and Wrong, ammo-related accessories are a Zeus-level no-no. The fake bullet hole slicks for the side of your aftermarket exhaust-sporting Yugo were bad enough. Taking a dump on top of "simulated bullets" (at least they're not using live ammo) tops every twisted home decor-related judgement ever made.

My favorite part: "Make a bold statement in any home or office with these hard-wearing Acrylic Toilet Seats..." Home or OFFICE, people. I guess even Herbert Kornfeld needs an appropriate place to pewp over at Midstate Office Supply.

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