Thursday, July 14, 2005

I've Been Framed

Framing's almost done, and everything's moving so fast I don't have time to upload the pictures I've taken until they've already made so much progress that the photos I do upload are out of date. I blame it on this stupid job. Bleh.

Here's the exterior as of 7/7:

This is Esther, the carpenter:

She's kinda shy, but wields a mean nail gun.

This is looking into the guest bedroom from what was the landing, but is now primarily Silent Bob's Squirrel Patrol Base Camp (yes, I have been awoken a few times by the sound of a declawed cat tumbling down the roof and thudding into the roofer's left-behind nailers):

Finally, the view across the street to Sour Sue's house:

I was chased out of the bathroom this morning by sledgehammer-wielding women, so I'll probably have some, uh, "deconstructed" views of my existing bathroom soon, along with the more fully framed-out dormer.

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