Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Door Prize!

In the interest of giving us back our hallway, the contractor wanted to make sure we had a door. There was much wrangling over who would actually procure said door, as I 1) cannot carry a door myself without injuring parts of my anatomy that I normally prefer to ignore and 2) don't know much about what makes a good used door. Yes, I know, molehills != mountains, but I worry about stuff like that. So I went to Rejuvenation, where people are generally nice and the place is clean and not all crudded-up with cast off crap from people like me and full of spiders.

Lo and behold! The Door:

I know, nothing special, but I only paid $50 and managed to drag in out of the car and prop it up against the side of the house without hernating my o-ring or something, and I think it'll clean up nicely. We'll see.

Since I missed my bus this morning anyway, I decided to take a few photos of the construction project around the corner from me:

The angles are a little weird and clash somewhat with the surrounding traditional bungalows, but I like how I envision the space feeling inside. Maybe I'll skulk around the front yard later and see if I can snap and photos of the inside. Or, maybe not. Bail ain't cheap, yo.

Current status of the dormer:

We're going to leave it fairly open to the elements for the next few days, so the contractor and her peeps get some relief from the heat. I'm crossing my fingers that I'll actually have a full roof when I come home tonight! How sad, that the idea of getting the roof completed seems like an unimaginable treat. I'm really looking forward to seeing what the mound 'o' roofing materials did to the recently-reseeded grass in the front yard. Eh, I did a pretty half-assed job with the grass seed anyway.

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