Monday, April 11, 2005

Let there be light

Currently my bed resides in a small alcove in my bedroom. The womb-like feeling is comforting, but does present some challenges. For instance, my nightstands consist of 1' X 2' planks of poplar held onto the wall by brackets. Just enough room for an alarm clock, box of tissue, a selection of books and two paper shade lamps on each shelf. This was a perfect arrangement when it was just me and the cat, but now Michael's moving in and concessions must be made in the name of harmonious cohabitation.

He's a reader. Needs to read before going to sleep at night. I suggested counting badgers, but he's resistant. His loss, I guess but this means that in order to make my POSSLQ happy, I need to upgrade the reading light to something that gives off a better glow than a low-wattage recycled European bulb perilously attached to a crappily made Swedish knock-off of one of Noguchi's lesser works. Preferably something that doesn't take up much space and possibly mounts on the wall.

The Save Your Marriage light appeals:

But looks too much like it belongs in a Motel 6 where you'd use the ice bucket tongs to fling the Ebola-saturated bedspread into a corner of the room. The Artemide Tolomeo wall spot is quite swank looking:

But costs too much and has a reputation for being a bit shoddily made.

Fortunately, I found the Pierce Flexi-Arm:

Functional and attractive, it has a dimmer and can be hardwired or plug-in. And the price! While I feel bad about finding it at a local lighting showroom and ordering it for half the price online, I can always buy something else there in the future (new vanity lights for the bathroom, maybe?) to assuage my guilt.

In the meantime, Michael will be able to read without jeopardizing his damned perfect vision, and I'll have something to taunt the cat with.

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