Monday, April 04, 2005

Project Update: Bathroom Addition

Now that I know that we're not going to buy the Incredible Sinking Rummer, I've returned to the drudgery of painstakingly drawing up the plans for my new dormer and bathroom addition:

All were done with Visio Professional (the non-Professional version doesn't have the building plan templates, but you could probably work something out if you don't want to spring for the SuperDeluxe Monkey-Spank version), over the course of several visits to the third circle of Hell, Permit Night (it's only the third circle because the people aren't nearly as sadistic as I'd been told).

At this point, I feel like I could hire myself out to work on plans for people who don't want to pay a contractor or architect to do it, but don't feel like banging their heads against their desks for six weeks themselves. It helps that I've been able to noodle around with this at work. Maybe I should look into this as an alternate income stream?

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