Friday, April 01, 2005

Weekend projects (April 2-3, 2005)

  • Repaint front porch steps (if it stops raining for one goddamn second) — Needless to say, it rained like crazy. Even hailed, so my front porch is still crunk-ass ghetto looking.

  • Weed and spread bark mulch in backyard rosebeds — Done! Even got a chance to take photos of some mystery plants in the adjacent flower bed (see above). The roses took their revenge, though, and two coworkers have already asked me if I'm being abused by my cat.

  • Help Michael pack — Eh, we got some of his voluminous wardrobe sent to charity. It's a start.

  • Got around to cutting another hole in the ceiling to scope out the ridge beam sitch. One step closer to Shiny! New! Bathroom!

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