Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Vanity, thy name is WTF?!

I never would have thought that one of the biggest outlays of dough on a simple bathroom addition could the vanity. The humble place I shit up with all my facial cleaners, depilatory tools and various electrified dental implements doesn’t usually deserve much thought. Until, of course, I realize that everything in the “vanity” family sold through Home Depot and Lowes is just unspeakably ugly in that “I remodeled my house in 1989 with the intention of renting it to leprotic students with large dogs” way. I started to venture out to some of my usual haunts on the web, looking for something that wouldn’t look like it was salvaged from an 80s tract home outside Destin. That’s when I found out that vanities can be godawful expensive.

This one:

has an MSRP of $4310.

More than four thousand dollars for something to hold The Economist between shits and house my tampon collection. Unbelievable.

This one I'm quite partial to:

MSRP: $3725. But the drain and P-trap are included! What a steal!

Unless I want to sell my car to buy a new vanity, I have three choices: a) go with ass, b) truck up to IKEA and buy a vanity that will not work with any sink or faucet available in the US because Swedes do it different (yes, I'm still bitter about those light fixtures), or c) buy a piece of freestanding furniture and convert it into a vanity.

How much is my life energy worth? Good question. We'll have to see.

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